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Instead of requiring you to go to each page of mine, I am just going to list them for you.  It's just a waste of time to go through a bunch of pages that you don't want to see.  Trust me, I am not doing this just to do a favor for you, it saves me a bunch of time.  Personally, I wouldn't care if it took you 3 days to go to every page of mine.  Actually, I wouldn't do something like that anyways.  Although, you HAVE been warned that this isn't just anyone's word, but MY World.  As you read through everything I may have said, it may come across as though I have a serious attitude problem.  Trust me on this one, I don't have an attitude, I just wanted to make a page that you, an alien to my world, will always have a memory of this dreary place.   :-)  Soo, instead of rambeling on like I love to do, here is your list:

This page isn't my page, but it is of one of the greatest friends I have ever had, her name is Anna.  Click here to visit her.

Ever wonder if someone really CAN look inside your computer?  Bet I can.  Click here, and I'll PROVE it!

I got a very unique page.  I have an arcade.  I only have three games, but I assure you, I HAVE played every single game.  Click here to check em out.

My pen pal page is here.  I have something for almost all ages, so check it out.  Who knows, maybe you'll find your future best friend!

A little something I like to call my online library.  You can read poems submitted by others, and also tells how your poems can be published on web site.  Be sure to enter the poem contest!

Here is my page of links to others that I know from the internet.  If you would like to be added, please e-mail me at

Please be sure to sign my guestbook!  If you sign mine, I will sign yours!   Click here to access my guestbook!