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Personal Web Sites

Sertok's Web Site                     Scarlets Web Site                 Aj's Web Site


Amy's Web Site                         Mike's Web Site                 SecretStar13's Web Site


The Songbird's Web Site             Tigger's Web Site                 Kelley's Web Site


Brown Eyed Girl's Web Site        Joolz's Web Site


Non-Personal Web Sites I enjoy


Foreign Language Translator                 Send some really COOL  messages to friends.  Message Mates


FREE STUFF!!!!          This thing READS your mind!  It's very scary, cause it's TRUE!!                                                                   I even tried to trick it and it was still right!

Free Computer                                     Chat room Program!                 Icq

Here is a good place to chat.  Java enabled chat, as well.

I have been chatting here for the last 2 years.  They are REALLY friendly.


Web Searches

Yahoo                         Lycos                         Hotbot                         MSN                 AltaVista

Infoseek                     WhoWhere                 PlanetSearch


Business Web Sites

Pepsi                          Disney                         Warner Brothers (Looney Tunes)             Young People's Organization

Coca-Cola                Nickelodeon                 Ice Cream                         ZJam                 At&t              AOL


Free E-mail

iName                      Net@address                 Juno                                  Hotmail                Yahoo



Free Web Sites

Tripod                     Geocities                         Xoom                                 Angelfire             Crosswind

Fourtune City         Pagelist                             Zy   


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