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This is what I would call my library.  In the near future, I would like to have some short stories, and poems listed here.  I currently have only a short list of poems.


Life's Pathway : Poem, Author Unknown

Death of an Innocent: Poem, Author Unknown

Goodbye: Poem, Author Abe LaCourse

Heartbeat: Poem, Author Abe LaCourse


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Poem Contest

Does the poem make a feeling? (for those 12+, this will be part of judging. Under 12, creativity will be used.)
Age is considered when judging poems.
Please do not submit poems that are not appropiate for children.
Winners will be announced and posted on this site by July 1. The deadline for poetry contest is June 20. However, more poem contests will be held.
All poems submitted may be published on web site, unless noted otherwise. Poems are protected by a copywrite law, stating that no one can use your poems for personal gain without permission from author. To submit poem, please click here to e-mail it, or e-mail it to When Submitting poems, PLEASE state your age, birthdate, and Name. Unless otherwise noted, Poems may be published on this web site, protected by copywrite laws to the author of the poem. That way, no one can steal your poems legally. :-)