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Ok, ok, I know what you're thinking. Why the heck do I have a chain link background? Well, very simple.Everyone lives their life, and there isn't any good escape, fromthe reality of life. I'm like everyone else, I can't escape lifes problem on my own. I need someone to help me. That person is Jesus. :-) Anyways, on with meetin me! Just to let you aware, my profile is kinda lengthy, I cover quite a big of my life. I also just add on to it, everytime I update my site, so instead of retyping it over, its already typed!

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My name is Abe.  I live in the state of Michigan.  If you do not know where Michigan is, it is that funny looking state that looks like a hand.   My birthday is October 4. I hate the idea of getting old. When I had first started making this web site, I was 16 years old. I help out at my church, and one day, I was talking to one of the kids I take care of, and I started telling them something I did 11 years ago. I stopped right in the middle ofthe sentence, made a face at the idea of 11 years ago. When you tell stories like that, it really makes you feel old. I don't want to grow up! I like being funny, and I tend to pick up someof that from my mom. I also love being creative, and my homepage is one way of expressing my creativness. I also write stories and poems.

I have always liked being as honest as possible,and sometimes hearing about someone's past can be quite interesting.  I have written a summery of my life, and some of it is quite creative.  As people get older, they lose their creativity, but I have always been able to keep that. It is one thing in my life that I have always valued.


When I was 5 years old, there was a fire next door. This is where my memory comes in at. All that I told you, are stories that my parents have told me about my life. I can vagualy remember when I was 4, standing at the bottom of the stairs. My parents say I was afraid of the stairs. I remember one time, just rolling down them. Another time, I sat at the top of the stairs, and kinda bounced off each stair, on purpose. My rear end did hurt, but it was fun. I was 4 years old, what do you expect! I'm sure you did something crazy at 4 years old! Anyways,I was sleeping in the dinning room, I don't know why, and my parents woke me up, and we had to leave. When they got me all bundled up, cause it was cold outside, we went to a friend of mine down the street. We stayed there the rest of the night. My parents say that she was my girl friend. However, I don't think the girl my age, was the girl I liked. I think it was her sister,who was 2 years older!

7 years old. Well, that summer, my parents decided to move to Florida. I remember the yard sales we had, and I didn't know what was going on. I thought we were staying. I played with my friends in the local lot. I remember digging there one time with our hands. We were trying to get to China. When the ground started to get really cold, and wet, we thought we were almost there. The hole was as deep as our elbows. Now I'm sure many people have tried to do this, so don't laugh to hard at me! Well, the big day came. We left Grand Rapids, and I have never seen my friends from there again. I wish that I could, though, and I will get into that later. We cut across the state, over to Flint, Michigan, where my Grandparents live. I stayed with them,while my parents went down south with my brother and my 2 sisters. We came down like a month later.

I remember my first day there in Florida. There were fruit trees, lots of bugs, and people were swimming in pools! I saw my very first rainbow that day. In the evening of my first day, we went over to where my Grand parents that lived down there. They only lived about half a hour away. But they lived in Port Charlotte, too. That is the town that I grew up in. We swam in their pool, and I thought that the middle of the pool would eat me up, so I stayed as close to the side as I could. When I think back on that, I laugh at how silly I was when I was a little kid.

The years went by, and we moved to different places in Port Charlotte. I saw many houses. In about 1988 or so, there was a big Huricane scare. Huricane Gilbert. I was little, and I didn't know what the big fuse was. I seen my parents buying all this stuff, and they kept watching the news. I don't remember much about that day, but the day that the hurricane was supposed to hit us, it decided to turn, and go toward Texas. I remember they were happy, and I looked out the window, and I seen that the clouds were breaking up, and I could see part of the sunset.

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*Time lapse* 1991. The news was forcasting snow, in south west florida. In florida's history, it has only snowed twice. This time, and another time in the 1960's. Well, it was really cold, and it snowed in the middle of thenight. It did not stick to the ground, because the ground was sowarm. I do remember the Palm tree outside looking kinda funny the next morning, though.

I do remember living through Hurricane Andrew. I was not hit by the worst part of it, and I am so glad for that.But everyone in my town was closly watching that hurricane, because if a hurricane were to hit Port Charlotte directly, there would be no town left, because it is really low there, just like much of the coast line. I remember waking up the morning that the hurricane hit. Yea, I knew that there was a hurricane, because itwas all over the news. I got out of bed, and I heard a lot of wind. I looked out the window, and the trees were swaying in thewind.

Now, I'm sure most of you have never even seena Palm Tree. Well, they don't normally sway, and they were really moving during the storm! Our dogs had to go outside, to do their buisness, and my dad took them on a leash, one at a time, so they didn't fly away. That would have been a funny sight, seeing a flying dog. Most people say when pigs fly, but I think that a dog is exagerating it alot! Don't you think? I didn't really look outside after that. I did what a typical kid did when it was storming outside. Played computer games, and nintendo games! After the storm had passed, there were all types of warnings,like, don't drink the water, because it could be poisened. (At this point, I can't really spell big words, so I am using everyday words, that I can spell! :-) ) There was a vacant lot next to me, and there were woods on it. I had my own trail inthere. i went in there after the storm, and it was a total mess. There was a couple trees laying down, it was flooded, same as our yard, and leaves all over the place. The storm totally messed up my trails in there, and my fort.

In 1995, we had a bad flood. It was like in June that it really started flooding. There was 3 feet of water on the road in front of us, and we were surronded by it. We had moved, and we lived a couple miles out of town, in an area, where not so many people lived. I looked outside, and our neighbors behind us were fishing from their garage. You don't want to know about the fool who tried driving his little car into the deeper water, where we lived! I thought that was so funny! There was a 15 foot allogator that lived across the street, so we weren't allowed outside, and had to watch the dogs. We had one dog that loved water, and swam in it! I had to chase that dog one time!!

We moved again, but, to a house a mile from the beach. I went there everyday and swim. I got burnt really badone day, and had to stay in the house the rest of the week. I got some suntan lotion at K-Mart the next week.

In October of 1995, my parents decided to moveback to Michigan. So, in November, I came up, and my mom came inDecember. My dad came up at the end of October, so he could get ajob, and a house for us, first. You don't need to know why I left early, unless you e-mail me, then I can tell you all about it,and my very interesting story about my Bus trip up here! We moved in to the house that we are in now on June 2nd, 1996. It is a nice house. Not to long ago, I asked my parents what the last names of my friends were, when we lived in Grand Rapids. They couldn't remember, except for that one girl that I told you about, but they no longer live there, so I will never see them again, wish at times, I really do want to. I forgot to say, but in May 1995, I had gotten student of the month, picked out of 2,000 people

Living in Michigan, nothing much really happens.You go to school, you go home, you eat, and you sleep. Occasionally, you get a snow storm, and you pray that the next day would be a snow day. Unfornatly, you never get the snow days when you want them. Only when you don't want them.

Sometimes, snow can be a bad thing. Espically as you get older, and have to work. By March 1998, I had about 4 jobs. I worked at a Hot-n-Now, which is a fast food burger place. I hated working there. I worked at a Big Boy, taking care of the Salad Bar. That was a easy job, but I'm the type of person who can't stay still, and there were some nights were it was so slow,I basically sat around. A lot of people wouldn't mind that job,but honestly, staring at a white wall for three hours a night was boring. I've helped out at my church with watching the kids. That is my ultimate favorite job. Kids are so fun to be around, and they are hyper. Some people can't keep up with kids, including teens, but I guess I'm lucky. I'm running around with them, and we all joke around.

The other job I have had was Burger King. Ifyou've never heard of Burger King, you're one weird person. It's another Burger place. As for a "professional job",Burger King was my favorite. Working with the kids is my favorite,but that's a volunteer job. When June came around, I had to quit working at Burger King, since I moved to Florida to continue my education. I graduated from Bloomingdale High School in June.(letme guess, you're thinking..Where's Bloomingdale?! Well, if youget out the state of Michigan map, it's that little mark you mistaked for a chip crumb.)

I went to Orlando, to attend Southeastern Academy. It was a 16 week course in the field of travel and tourism. No, it's not just travel agency. Whenever I told people about it, they immediatly thought I was going to be a travel agent. We did have a class there called travel agency, but that wasn't the only one. I am NOT going to be a travel agent. Toomuch stuff to remember! At the end of October, I graduated from Southeastern Academy, and I came back to Michigan.

Since my dad is a truck driver, I decided to travel with him for a couple of weeks, before I went into the working world. We went to PA, and down the Atlantic Coast. Whenwe were in NC, he got a load going to Arizona. Now, the funny thing about that is, about a day before we got that load, he madea comment about Arizona. On our way to Arizona, I made a comment about how it would be neat to go through CA, and maybe Oregon. My dad said that if we got a load to Oregon, that he would kill me. After we dropped our load in Kingman, AZ, we got another load going to Los Angeles, CA. When we were pulling in the driveway to pick up the load to go, it was canceled. About half an hour later,the new load came. We were sent to Oregon. Portland, to be exact. My dad just gave me a look like he was going to kill me, since I had cursed the trip.

It was a very interesting trip, and I did enjoymyself.  When I got back, I went back to Burger King, and worked there for about 4 months, as a shift manager.  I left that job not too long ago, and then worked in a nursing home as a cook. Soon after that, I decided I wanted to move to Tenn.

I moved to Tenn, to stay with some friends I knew from the internet. I had known them for 3 years online, and I had met them a couple times, so I thought, hey, this is a good chance to finally live in Tenn! I had always wanted to live inTenn. Unfornately, this turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I don't need to go into that, though. :-) Oh, while I was there, I worked at the Donut Shop, in Crossville, Tenn. Real nice place.

So, I came home, and I jumped a couple times, tryin to find a job, and ended up landing a job at both Meijer,in the cafe department, and, at Long John Silvers. I worked twojobs for quite a while, and, managed to get a very nice 1994 Toyota Corolla. I didn't need any Co-signer or anything. I was very proud that I managed to get it on my own. Let me tell you,if you're young, and you want a new car, or a sporty one, a word of advice. DON'T!! A Toyota Corolla is considered sporty by insurance companies, because they are a manual transmission. Since I am young, they charge as much as possible, even though Ihave a totaly clean record. That particular car, with the required minimum full coverage, runs about $1400 for about six months worth of insurance. The same vechile, for a 35 year old,is aprox. $350.

In April, I decided to move to Indiana, where I stayed for about a month. At the time that I was creating this website, updating it, I was working at Six Flags Great America,in Gurnee, IL. In case you're wondering, no, I can't get you free tickets. I can only get discounted tickets, of $30, instead of $40.Big deal, huh?

However, after working at Six Flags for a month, I decided to move on over to Cedar Point, located in Sandusky Ohio.

I also enjoy building web pages. Sometimes I have spare time, sometimes I don't.   I haverebuilt this web site countless number of times, but I do feelthat pages that follow a theme are way more interesting then those that aren't.

Like I had said in the beginning, I DID say this was very lengthy. This is basically my life story. Not much too it, but just enough to make this page 11 k.


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