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Hi, Iím glad you could make it today.


††††††† If youíve ever been to my site in the past, you can tell there have been some MAJOR changes.I now use programs to make my web site.FrontPage by Microsoft is my favorite program.Unfornately, I do not have that program at the moment.

††††††† In case you were wondering, I make my websites using RAW HTML, meaning, I don't use any programs to make them with. However, there are some special Java Scripts, that I did not write myself, but I got from another web site, with permission.

††††††† If youíve never been to my site, well, thereís always a first time.I may not have loads of things to do on my site, however, I TRY to have something for everyone.Whether it is a link to another interesting site, or a java game, or anything.

††††††† No, youíre not seeing things.I really did say Java Games.For the first time ever, I am putting games on my web site, for your enjoyment!If it works properly, even a chat room!Iím catching up on technology!

††††††† Well, enough with this introduction to my site.All you have to do is click here, and give you a page loaded with things to do!