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A list of helpful commands for chatting is:
To change a nick, type /nick YourNewNick
To get into a private chat with someone, just double click their nick.
To join a different channel, click the "x" at the top of the chat screen. At that time, it will bring up a list of channels. Double click on the Channel that you want to join.
To send someone a single private message, type /notice theirnick YourMessageHere

Internet Chat Lingo
lol= Laugh Out Loud
rotflol= Rolling on the Floor, laughing out loud- Used when something is VERY funny
brb= Be Right Back
pc= Private Chat
.rules= Gives a list of channel rules
n/c= No Comments- I came up with this one like three years ago, and it spread quite quickly.
I know there are many, MANY more "codes" used online, however, for a overview, this will work! Have fun, and enjoy your chat, come back soon!

This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:

This is a CHRISTIAN Chat room. Please observe all rules and regulations of the chat rooms.

The music will only play one round, which will last aprox 3 minutes. It is something to listen to while you wait for the chat to load! :-)

If, at any time, there is no one in the channel, click the little "x" on the chat screen, and it will load a list of channels to join. To join, just double click! When you are finished chatting, all you have to type is /quit and you will be disconnected from the chat rooms!

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