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People Ask" How can you be friends 
with someone you have never met?"
I tell them" You have never 
been online I bet!".

It's something people offline
will never understand. 
You open up your heart to 
friendship with your typing Hands.

It's a world full friendship at your
finger tips, there is so much.
Online, it only takes a heart 
to reach people with your touch.

First you start out online, 
surfing all around.
Next thing you know a great
friend will be found.

You will chat a lot and
surf cyber space.
Soon it will be your second home, 
a comforting special place.

A Friend to share your 
dreams and your tears
and to help each other 
wipe away life's fears. 

You will share life together
and help each other along
You will make it thru bad weather 
because friendship is so strong.

No matter how far apart you go, 
your keyboards will keep you together. 
and in your heart you will know you 
don't need a face to be a true friend forever